Old Park - Where the woods meet the sea

Consider - Family suites as standard, with baby listening, superb play areas, indoor pool and children’s meals. In a unique location and with superb rooms. Our prices are very reasonable compared with other child friendly hotels and there are no extra charges.

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The badgers come every evening to eat left-over breakfast about half-hour before dusk.

We feed our badgers at 9.00pm every day with scraps from the kitchen in a tub outside the bar window. In the summer they can be seen in the the daylight. Our observations on badgers over the years are :

  • Very tiny badgers are tolerated when they try to get grub
  • Some badgers are chased away by all the group
  • Badgers from several local sets mix together happily
  • Our record number of badgers at one time is 17
  • Badgers chase away the fox when he comes
  • They dig up underground bumble bee nests

  • For more information about badgers please visit THE YOUNG PEOPLES TRUST - BADGERS